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The Evolution of the Big Wheel

If you enjoy driving, biking, walking or cycling Why not consider making your next trip a leisurely ride on a Big Wheel? A Big Wheel Burger is a fast food chain with a conscience that has earned an impact in cities across the United States. The innovative food franchise was the result of two innovative minds that wanted to change the dining scene of the present with the healthy benefits of riding on a Big Wheel. Jay Taylor, Frank Fernandez's partner, wanted to create a space where people can enjoy food in comfort and fashion without the need to drive.

The idea came from an idea that was simple; build an burger kiosk using a waterbed and it worked great! It was originally designed to make the experience interactive for the customers by creating an enormous steering wheel that was placed on a low-waterbed. Customers could choose which menu they wanted and then order it while riding the large round Helmsman sized steering wheel. Customers could place orders for Big Wheel Burger, Big Wheel Fries, or even Big Wheel Tacos. The large rotating steering wheel would rotate 180 degrees to allow customers to see all of their food.

A lot of the concepts were considered too fashionable for the general public at the beginning of this innovative idea. Many customers believed it was absurd to place something as functionally and attractive on water than on land. One of the initial prototype models had two sails on the large steering wheel, and there were many who were just as cranky as the idea of having two massive steering wheels on an unflat surface. Mr. Fernandez & Mr. Taylor decided that they would incorporate a rudder into their design, instead of two large steering wheels.

The wheels were initially designed to be powered by normal bicycles, however, they soon discovered that they could use regular chain chains for bicycles. They were able to design smaller Big Wheel bikes that could be used by people who were not experienced enough to handle motorcycles. The Big Wheel concept soon evolved into designing bikes that featured sailing boats and steering. These bikes were soon called "Quadbike" models. After a few years, companies began to build full suspension bikes that featured four real rudders and a real wheel that could be lifted up.

In the beginning of the Big Wheel concept, a real wheel was attached to the rear of the bike. Later, the designers realized that this gadget could be a great addition to a racing yacht. The concept of having a real "wheel on a boat" was then taken a few steps further and Mr. Taylor and Mr. Fernandez decided to try and build a functioning Big Wheel. By using a copper wire for the wheel's rim "wheel" and a set of servo motor wires the designers were successful in creating a functional Big Wheel Bike. The wind-up mechanism gave the rider the ability to control the bike's speed through water.

The first Big Wheel bikes that were ever built were very primitive in appearance. They had huge, round wheels that the rider had a hard time pushing along with their body weight. Engineers created improvements to these machines which allowed them to provide the same type of steering as the famous racing yacht rowing machines. The trike was named the "Quatra" because of the improvements. The upgraded version was dubbed the "Gyro-Quatra" which meant that there were two rudders that were real on either side of the cockpit, instead of just one.

The upgraded Big Wheel models were mounted on a standard bike frame and fitted with an front derailleur. The Big Wheel was a total conversion from a sailing boat to an all-road bike. The Big Wheel was adopted by companies like Honda Boulle, Honda, and Fox and became the 'Honda Cart’ and the 'BSC touring bicycle'. These bikes were later adopted by large race teams and entered in a few Tours de France. The popularity of the Big Wheel however, never ever waned. In fact, even in these times, they're being used by professional cyclists - although they are frequently replaced by modern-day touring bikes because of their lack of agility.


Nowadays, the Big Wheel is best enjoyed outdoors and indoors. Numerous companies now offer a wide range of Big Wheel bikes suitable for mountain and road riding, with various sizes available for those riders 안전놀이터 who need a little extra space or who prefer a smaller bike. The Big Wheel is a popular choice for many riders due to its simplicity, rugged durability, and excellent coasting and riding performance. If you're looking to experience the same amazing performance from your Big Wheel bike that you would get on a high-performance yacht, then you should buy one today and discover the things you've been missing!